Warm-hearted Wednesday: Tidying Up

My little girl just cleaned up everything that she dumped off the ottoman and onto the floor. The exchange went something like this:

Bizzy: What a big mess!

Me: Yeah, you did make a big mess. Can you help clean it up?

Bizzy: Yeah. I clean up the mess.

She then proceeded to pick up all the stray articles of clothing, blankets, and pillows that she had dumped onto the floor and stack them back on the ottoman, going so far as to take my robe, which I had taken off and put on the couch next to me and put it up there, too. Watching her struggle with the heavy pile of fabric was rather amusing but I let her do it all by herself as she had insisted. She cleaned up everything and she earned her soccer ball back. ^_^ Well done, Bizzy!


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