Tender Scars

It as been almost two years since we conceived so…fifteen months since I gave birth. And my cesarean scar still hurts. It itches, it stings, there are days when it drives me absolutely mad. I wish it didn’t but it does and I feel like crap when it does. I feel indecent when I cannot ignore the need to scratch. I even had to teach Ben just how to do it when he wants to be helpful; it’s sad that it does indeed require a specific technique. The scar itself is still very sensitive, which boggles me at times, and ofttimes, I hate it. I love what it gave me but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that sometimes I just hate this scar.


2 thoughts on “Tender Scars

  1. I have heard other women who feel the same way you do. I have other chronic “issues” from childbirth too. Also worth it. Also can’t lie and say that I am happy to have them.

    • I know that my scar is probably one of the most trivial things that I could complain about, in all honesty, but it really is uncomfortable at times. I appreciate the commiseration. *hugs for the tough times*

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