Whiny Wednesday

Warning: SO whiny! Feel free to skip this.

Today has not been a good day at all. Elizabeth woke up early this morning, apparently earlier than she intended, because she was vastly upset by this happenstance. Then as I was changing her diaper and her clothes, she kicked me in the chest, hard. This garnered her a scolding, which made her all the more upset. Then, this morning, I had to register for summer classes in order to renew my teaching license this fall, which meant that I had to pay attention to what I was doing and register for the correct classes. In turn, this meant that I wasn’t paying every second of my attention to Elizabeth, nor could she play on the laptop, both of which raised her ire to epic proportions. I managed to get her down to nap early but it only lasted for around an hour or so, much to my chagrin. We had lunch with her grandparents today (thank you, Mom & Dad) and she was good for the most part, though she became very obstinate and fractious by the end of it.

When we finally got home, it was the morning all over again, and all I could hear in those wails was, “I’m not happy! I don’t know why I’m not happy? Don’t you know why I am not happy? WHY AREN’T YOU MAKING ME HAPPY?!!!” I tried everything I knew to do; we were a few hours off from dinner and bed so I determined that, somehow, I could just make it through. I read to her, cuddled her, sang to her, but she would not be placated for more than a few minutes. If I was cuddling her on my lap or in my arms, she would be still for a short amount of time and then wriggle until I put her down. Of course, then, she’s pissed to high heaven that I dared to put her back down on the floor. She wanted up on the couch but not for me to hold her but to climb on the couch and throw things behind it, which I wouldn’t allow. So she screamed.  I took her out of her toybox when she climbed in and got stuck. She screamed. I gave her a sippy of juice; she drank a bit. Then she threw it down and screamed. I fed her; she cried. I bathed her; she cried. I put on her jammies and brushed her teeth; she cried.

Finally, I got her to her room, gave her some warm milk, and rocked her as per normal at bedtime. She struggled a little after she finished her milk, but Mommy wouldn’t let her up so I think she just finally accepted defeat and eventually fell asleep.

Dear Lord, please let this child sleep all the night through because, if she’s half as worn out as I am, there’s just nothing else she could possibly do at this point.


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